Our Mission

The Lindamood-Bell Difference

The Lindamood-Bell Foundation seeks to provide life-changing learning to individuals of all ages by providing scholarships to attend a Lindamood-Bell Learning Center.

Racing to Read

Robert Cardiff at El Tour de Tuscon

Robert Cardiff, board member and former student, right, cycled El Tour de Tucson on November 20, 2021, and met his goal of raising $10,000 in donations! The donations will help provide life-changing learning to students.

"I want to raise money, I want to help kids, I want to motivate kids because it had such a big impact on my life," he said. "I'm excited about the future of my life and that wouldn't have happened without my parents investing the time and money to go to Lindamood-Bell.”

A Story of Hope: One Scholarship Recipient’s Story

In 2020, we awarded our first round of scholarships to help families and children in need. In this video, the mother of a recent scholarship recipient shares her family's heartfelt story. Like so many students, her eight-year-old daughter struggled to learn to her potential in school. Like so many parents, this mom asks, “At what point are you so far behind that you just lose hope?” Learn about the life-changing impact a scholarship will have on her daughter’s future.

To hear more about our life-changing impact in 2021, stay in touch!

Give The Gift Of Learning

Every child deserves a chance to read and comprehend to their potential. Donate to the Lindamood-Bell Foundation and Give Life-Changing Instruction TODAY!

Making a Difference: Running To Give

Robert Cardiff draws a direct line between the reading breakthroughs that he experienced with Lindamood-Bell instruction in childhood, and his current success as a technology executive. Acting on his ever-present “attitude of gratitude” for what he describes as Lindamood-Bell’s “life-changing” results, Cardiff has launched a fund-raising initiative for kids who currently struggle with learning.